Alisa Cooper for Atlantic County Freeholder

“Hand Over Your Wallet, 401K and Checkbook if You Want to Live on Our Turf” County corruption taxes are out-of-control and we’re all paying the price. (Atlantic City, NJ) ” Democratic Freeholder candidate, Alisa Cooper today blasted the Atlantic County GOP for raising taxes by 237 % and increasing spending by nearly 170% over the last 25 years, leading to catastrophic increases in property taxes. Cooper said she will enforce spending discipline by freezing the county’s spending at last year’s rate, and also audit the budget to root out the waste in county government that is driving people out of their homes through skyrocketing property taxes. “We need fresh ideas and new leadership because the incumbent tax-spending-debt-raising team has been asleep at the switch for far too long,” said Cooper. “The GOP has increased taxes by $95 million dollars, and all we have to show for it are crowded schools, out of control spending, traffic gridlocks, and overdevelopment.” “When I’m on the Freeholder Board, I will make sure that we practice fiscal restraint, lower property taxes, and fight for the people of Atlantic County. We have suffered a great deal because of the cronyism and insider deals while Political Bosses and their friends benefit.” “The spending habits and cronyism of Republicans in Atlantic County have mirrored those of Washington and the Bush Administration. While Republicans in Washington have recklessly spent taxpayer dollars on sweetheart deals for Halliburton, corruption taxes implemented by Republicans in Atlantic County have increased spending by 170%, millions of dollars which went to cronies for special insider deals, and pay to play contracts. Local residents are paying for this “corruption tax,” ” cronyism, patronage, no-bid deals for campaign financiers, and pension abuses by politicians through higher property taxes. “As an educator, a mother and a businesswoman, I am committed to doing what is best for Atlantic County,” said Cooper. “I’m going to cut waste, fraud, abuse, and eliminate the corruption tax, to give our citizens the tax relief they deserve.” “Throughout the district, from Margate to Hammonton, people are saying it’s time to change the way Atlantic County is run. It’s time to sweep out the deadwood who have profited from taxpayer dollars and bring in fresh faces and bold ideas to improve our quality of life, and make living in Atlantic County affordable again.” “I will call for an audit of the county budget to cut government waste, and use that money for immediate property tax relief. I will also pass ethics measures to save taxpayer dollars from pay to play politics. Again, I will use that money for tax relief. And I will introduce legislation that will protect our region from overdevelopment and traffic gridlock.” ###