Lonegan will attend Sabrin fundraiser

Conservative activist and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan will be the special guest at a fundraiser for Senate candidate Murray Sabrin next month.

The fundraiser will be hosted by Club for Growth board member Frayda Levin at her Mountain Lakes home on Saturday, April 12th.

"We are very excited about New Jersey Taxpayer’s greatest friend, Steve Lonegan, serving as a special guest,” said Sabrin in a press release.

"He’s obviously working very, very hard at it. I mean he’s traveling all over the country as chairman of the [Republican Governors Association] and I think at this point he has as good a chance or better than anybody else. His name is household word all across the country, and I think he would make a great president."
—former U.S. Rep. Jim Saxton (R-3), on Gov. Chris Christie