Andrews will challenge Lautenberg in U.S. Senate primary

Rob Andrews, a ten-term Congressman from Camden County, will challenge incumbent Frank Lautenberg in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Andrews, 50, said on Monday that he was considering a campaign against the 84-year-old four-term Senator.

Burlington County Democratic Chairman Rick Perr confirmed Andrews's intentions.

"I think this is a great thing for New Jersey Democrats up and down the state," said Perr. "Rob Andrews is an extremely qualified candidate for the United States Senate and presents our best opportunity to beat the Republican in November on a statewide level and down-ballot.”


"Since the print publication of this list, Christie, in his capacity as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, helped decisively turn the midterm elections in the Republicans' favor, which makes him a bit more influential than we initially gave him credit for, post-Bridgegate. So when your state governments do absolutely nothing for you for the next four years, be sure to thank him!"