(Mount Laurel) – Burlington County Democratic Chairman Rick Perr today announced that the “Paulsen’s 20 Investment Team” video was receiving substantially more hits as word continues to spread.The video, entitled “Paulsen’s 20 Investment Team” was made public on the Democrats’ website www.burlcodems.com earlier this week. In shocking and documented, quantifiable detail, “Paulsen’s 20” reveals an elaborate scheme of the worst imaginable type of pay to play financing.Yesterday, as taxpayers across Burlington County became more and more aware of the rampant abuse outlined in the video, the number of hits on the website actually doubled and continues to climb into the thousands.Despite the revelations reported in the Burlington County Times and Courier Post newspapers, the Burlington County republicans tried to downplay the documented taxpayer abuse.In their own words:Bill Layton: “It’s very common… It’s a cash flow issue.” (Courier Post, 8/21/08)· Sure, Chairman Layton, we understand. Sometimes the cash isn’t there for you to put your Karl Rove attacks on Philadelphia broadcast TV so you need to call in your 20 cronies who make tens of millions of taxpayer funded dollars and have them front the money to keep your incumbent Republicans elected. It all makes perfect sense.Glenn Paulsen: “That shouldn't preclude me or anyone else from exercising their First Amendment rights in accordance with the law.” (Burlington County Times, 8/21/08)· Of course not Boss Paulsen. You should be able to support whomever you want. Of course the fact that all 20 of your “believers” make tens of millions of taxpayer funded dollars might raise a bit of suspicion, don’t you think?Glenn Paulsen: “That’s not a new practice, the party has done that going back to my time…” (myBCTNow.com, 8/20/08)· We know Glenn. Going back to at least 2001. The interesting thing though, is that all of your guarantors have appointments, jobs, positions or contracts with the County that pay them in the tens of millions of dollars. Interesting.Glenn Paulsen: “There never were quid pro quos when I was county chairmen or now…” (myBCTNow.com, 8/20/08)· Absolutely not. Inflation is at its highest level in 17 years, gas is crippling the economy, unemployment continues to rise and a recession looms (or is already here) and these 20 “true believers” are spending $30,000 of their personal money because they couldn’t imagine life without Aubrey Fenton in the Burlington County Courthouse. Right, Glenn. It’s just a coincidence that they get rewarded with tens of millions in taxpayer funded dollars.Once again, here is the link to the “Paulsen’s 20” video with text attached.Paulsen’s 20 Republican Investment Teamwww.burlcodems.comHave you heard of the Paulsen’s 20 Republican Investment Team?Probably Not but you should have!They are not found on the Stock Market or in the Wall Street Journal. No, they are right here in Burlington County.Their investments…political campaigns. Their dividends – –your tax dollars!According to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, this group finances Burlington County Republican campaigns bypersonally guaranteeinghundredsof thousands of dollars each election cycle.Rarely does the public get to see how one of the most powerful… political organizations raises capital.LET’S TAKE A LOOKPublic financial disclosures revealthat the Paulsen’s 20 Investment Team is comprised of the Burlington County Republicanelite.Since 2006 alone, the members of the group earned more than $30 million dollars in TAXPAYER FUNDED government contracts, billings, salaries and pension credits.So, while your taxesrise, gas prices increase and our economy falters, this group of Republican Insiders is funding elections.The leader of the group is Glenn Paulsen.Paulsen is the former Chairman of the Burlington County Republicans. Political insiders declare that his influence over Burlington County Government is stronger than ever…And his ties are even closer. How close? His handpicked successor is his next door neighbor.An expose in the Asbury Park Press shortly before Paulsen’smysterious resignation three years ago amidst an AG probe cast him as a cut throat political boss.According to the article Paulsencollects campaign contributions from firms seeking government contracts or jobs.His friend, former Republican Evesham Mayor Gus Tamburro compared Paulsen to the portrayal of Pharaoh Ramses in "The Ten Commandments Ramses power was so great, he would famously declare: "So let it be written, so let it be done."

"Glenn's like that," Tamburro said. "I wouldn't want to cross him."Paulsen is a partner at Capehart & Scatchard a politically connected law firm. Since 2006 Capehart & Scatchard received more than $9 million in government contracts.In 2007, over $2 million dollars of these contracts came from entities controlled by Paulsen and the Republicans. These include over $550,000 from the Burlington County Bridge Commission and close to $600,000 from entities directly controlled by the all- Republican Burlington County Freeholder Board.Figures for 2006 were not filed as required by State Law.Paulsen is joined by fellow Capehart attorneysTony Drollas and Brian Kowalski. These three individuals have combined to personally guarantee over $90,000 in loans to the Burlington County Republicans IN JUST THE PAST 10 MONTHS! For those keeping score at home, that is $90,000 in loans – Well over $2 million in governmental contracts. If only your 401K plans were that lucrative! Let’s take a closer look at Tony Drollas.His wife Grannia Drollas has served as a fundraising consultant for the party. She was paid over $17,000.In 2007, her pay from the party stopped. She was however, put on the payroll of the 8th District Republican Legislators.Just to recap – Tony Drollas works for Capehart & Scatchard, which does millions of dollars in Burlington County legal work. He signs a loan guaranteeing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party. His wife gets put on a taxpayer funded Legislative payroll.Next we have Eric and John Aloi – executives at EJA Associates, where Eric serves as the President. Since 2006EJA Associates have received over $24 million in government contracts. They have guaranteed over $60,000 in loans in the same time frame.$60,000 in loans – $24 million in billing.I guess government pays more than lottoNext on the list is former State Senator Martha Bark. According to published reports, Martha Bark was the subject of an Attorney General Investigation resulting from two alleged no-show jobsThese include one that paid her nearly a quarter of a million dollars at the bridge commission. This is on top of her Legislative salary. The investigation, said to be on going has already resulted in records at various Burlington County agencies being subpoenaed.Bark has guaranteed over $30,000 in loans to the Burlington County Republicans since 2007. Her legislative office also paid tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer dollars to other members of “Paulsen’s 20.”Next we have Chris Baxter, a lawyer who has also guaranteed over 30,000 in loans.On Sunday, August 3rd, Baxter was highlighted in an investigative report in the Burlington County Times.According to the article, Baxter has been paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars to provide online reports and research to the Board of Social Services. Two former Board members, one aformer high-ranking official with the county Republican Party and the other the chief of staff to Senator Diane Allen said the agency has not received commensurate work for its money and that their protests about the attorney fees were ignored.These commissioners also noted that they were informed by GOP officials that Baxter’s salary went back to the Burlington GOP to fund their campaigns.In 2007, Baxter had another 5 taxpayer funded jobs, equaling more than $100,000 in salary…Baxter still finds time to practice law at his own private law firm –That’s 5 government contracts, one law firm, and $30,000 in campaign loans.Glen Beebe. In 2006 Beebe was a Legislative aide making less than $65,000. In 2007, his salary increased to over $95,000. He has guaranteed over $30,000 in loans to the party in this time frame. Jim Bristow, the renowned uber Boss of Cinnaminson Republican politics.Bristow claims to be self employed on his loan disclosure statement.Yet, his biography on the Burlington County website states he is employed by the Benefits Consulting Group.As does the financial disclosure forms of Freeholder Joe Donnelly – FROM CINNAMINSON Bristow also failed to disclose the fact he makes an additional $21,250 working for the County Board of Elections – tacking to his 21 years in the pension system.Former Freeholder Vince Farias is part of this Republican Investment group. Farias’ daughter – Freeholder Stacey Jordan, was handed her freeholder seat by the Burlington County Republican party earlier this year in a process thather party’s own former vice chair calledCORRUPT. I guess membership does have its privileges. William Naulty –was a Legislative Aide in the 8th District for Martha Bark and Fran Bodine. While his disclosure form says he retired, the New Jersey Pension records tell a different story. Martha Bark put Naulty on her Legislative payroll in 2007 for a salary of $10,000. I guess if you work for Martha you can collect a salary, but say you are retired.Richard Strobel is the chief Counsel to the Burlington County Board of Social Services. The same Board under fire for paying Chris Baxter and 5 other part time attorneys while cutting transportation to seniors. While Strobel collects over $120,000 a year in salary, he has guaranteed over $30,000 in loans.Charlie Lambiase, claims that he is a self employed CPA. He is also the treasurer of the Burlington County Republicans and most of their candidates.Burlington County also seems to be one of his Lambiase’s biggest clients. Since 2005 he has received:$26,900 in salary from the Burlco GOP$44,000 in salary from Martha Bark’s Legislative Office.And $29,000 in billing to Burlington County.Other members of the “Paulsen’s 20” Republican Investment group are:Former Assemblyman and Mt. Laurel Mayor Larry Chatzidakis.State Senator Phil HainesAssemblywoman Dawn Addiego– Current Chairman Bill LaytonTony Mahon – an Insurance Executive from AJM AssociatesScott Rudder- Assemblyman and former Mayor of MedfordGary Woodend – Councilman in Medford Lakes, Attorney and probably not surprisingly- a Candidate for County Clerk – a taxpayer funded job that pays over $100,000 a year. The purpose of this video is not to accuse anyone of any wrong doing. Former Paulsen Investments donor Bob Stears already did that in Federal Court.While entering a guilty plea for his actions which saw him steal $2.7 million at the Burlington Bridge Commission, he offered details how he funneled money back to political campaigns.Stears stated he was expected to donate as much as $4000 a month in political contributions in exchange for $2 million in contracts. “I got sucked into a group of corrupt people,” said Stears.These sentiments where confirmed by former Vice Chairwoman of the Burlington County Republican’s Dawn Lacy. She resigned her post with the following quote: “Given the lack of moral judgment and corruption issues surrounding the Party, I no longer wish to be associated with this current leadership groupand therefore will not seek another term as Vice Chair of our county organization,” Lacy wrote in an e-mail.The Burlington County Republican Party has run campaigns that have resulted in lawsuits, a rebuke by a Federal judge, been criticized by editorial boards across the state and even scoffed at by the former Chair of the Republican Chairs.It is no wonder taxes and spending keep increasing in Burlington County. These investors don’t need Wall Street, they just need High Street.