Informal radio poll has Capuana in the lead in Passaic mayor’s race

The Dominican radio station Caliente, which broadcasts in the City of Passaic on 92.3 FM, released the results of an informal poll the station says was conducted with callsfrom 226participants in Passaic regarding the mayoral race.

The results with less than a month until Election Day: 30.53 percent for city super Vinny Capuana; 22.12 percent for Dr. Alex Blanco; 21.68 percent for real estate developer Jose Sandoval; 19.03 percent for Councilman Joe Garcia; and 6.54 percent for bailbondsman Carl Ellen.

"It’s not a political environment that’s particularly warm for incumbents, but it looks like Booker has little to be worried about as the campaign season draws to a close."
—Krista Jenkins, poll director and professor of political science, FDU.