“Lonegan understands illegal immigration IS a crime.”

ORADELL — Minuteman Project Founder Jim Gilchrist today said New Jersey voters concerned about illegal “immigration” have a friend in Steve Lonegan.

“Steve Lonegan and I worked together to stop the illegal alien invasion in our country now being facilitated by Barack Obama,” Gilchrist said. “Mayor Lonegan understands that besides securing our borders, the number one thing we can do to stem this problem is stop coddling illegal aliens with ‘sanctuary’ status and government benefits.”

Gilchrist said he was motivated to speak out because neither Lonegan’s opponent in the June 2nd Primary, Chris Christie nor Governor Jon Corzine takes the illegal alien problem seriously.

“Chris Christie said that being an illegal alien is not a crime and that illustrates his attitude towards this problem,” Gilchrist said. “And as U.S. Attorney he literally ignored the problem, bringing just 13 cases against illegal aliens in seven years.”

Gilchrist also noted that “Mr. Christie’s leading backer is former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who made New York City one of the first places in the country to grant illegal aliens ‘sanctuary’ status’, a move that spurred hundreds of other cities to do the same thing, making the influx of illegals even worse.”

“As Governor, Steve Lonegan will stop the coddling of illegal aliens under Corzine and Christie that has made New Jersey an illegal alien sanctuary,” Gilchrist pointed out. “Steve Lonegan understands the seriousness of this problem and is committed to doing something about it.”

“When Jim formed the Minuteman Project to do the job our government refused to do, he brought this issue to the forefront,” Lonegan said. “Jim built a coalition of men and women who took a stand and made a difference when everyone said they would fail. I am proud to have his support,” said Lonegan.

“Chris Christie and I see this problem in very different ways,” Lonegan explained. “Chris Christie thinks illegal immigration is not a crime and his record as U.S. Attorney — virtually ignoring this problem — proves that’s his real position. As Governor, I will roll up Corzine’s red carpet for illegals and take back our state, before it’s too late.”