Corzine to swear-in Blanco tomorrow with Menendez also in attendance

Gov. Jon Corzine is scheduledtomorrow to swear-in Passaic Mayor Alex Blanco as the first Dominican-American elected to a full term as a mayor in the United States.

Blanco last year won a special election in Passaic to succeed jailed former Mayor Sammy Rivera.

In May, he again defeated city supervisor Vincent Capuana to earn a four-year term.

Also scheduled to attend tomorrow's ceremony in Passaic is U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-Hoboken), who was the featured speaker at Blanco's kick-off in April.

"It’s not a political environment that’s particularly warm for incumbents, but it looks like Booker has little to be worried about as the campaign season draws to a close."
—Krista Jenkins, poll director and professor of political science, FDU.