Conway and Taylor Take Control in Barnegat

PRESS RELEASE Conway and Taylor Take Control in Barnegat Under the slogan Barnegat First, Democratic Candidates for Barnegat Township Committee, Susan Conway and Elaine Taylor were elected in a landslide victory of 1,096 votes. “We are humbled by the show of support in today’s election, and are committed to the success of your town of Barnegat. We are especially thankful for Mayor Cirulli and Committeeman Melchiondo’s service to the community and we look forward to the continuation of bipartisan progress with you both,” stated Susan Conway. “The Township can expect a dedication to ensuring every tax dollar is stretched to the penny to ensure fiscal accountability, and each action has the taxpayer in mind first,” stated Elaine Taylor. Final tallies were as followed: Vote CountPercent DEM – Susan Conway 4,85228. 43% DEM – Elaine Taylor 4,776 27.98% REP – Jeffrey M. Melchiondo 3,756 22.01% REP – Alfonso Cirulli 3,676 21.54%