Mercer Dems endorse Buono

Mercer County Democratic Chairwoman Liz Muoio today announced her endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.

“On behalf of the Mercer County Democratic Committee I am proud to enthusiastically endorse the candidacy of Senator Barbara Buono.  She is a fighter who has worked tirelessly for New Jersey’s working families for over two decades, and the Mercer Democrats will fight just as hard for her to ensure victory in 2013,”  said Muoio. “I am glad to see our party uniting behind such a strong and worthy candidate.”

"Since the print publication of this list, Christie, in his capacity as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, helped decisively turn the midterm elections in the Republicans' favor, which makes him a bit more influential than we initially gave him credit for, post-Bridgegate. So when your state governments do absolutely nothing for you for the next four years, be sure to thank him!"