Christie says he will announce budget cuts if and when they are made

LITTLE FERRY – While Gov. Chris Christie may be preparing to speak about the upcoming year’s budget in just a few days, the state still must grapple with a shortfall under the current budget.

The governor told reporters Wednesday he will make adjustments where necessary to address the state’s current shortfall.

“Obviously if there’s a shortfall there will be reductions,” Christie said during a news conference here.

The governor said he will announce any cuts when he’s ready and then promptly moved on to the next question.

Christie is slated to deliver his budget address next week.


"Since the print publication of this list, Christie, in his capacity as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, helped decisively turn the midterm elections in the Republicans' favor, which makes him a bit more influential than we initially gave him credit for, post-Bridgegate. So when your state governments do absolutely nothing for you for the next four years, be sure to thank him!"