At Ridgewood bookstore, New Jersey crowd ready for Hillary Clinton to beat Christie in potential 2016 matchup

RIDGEWOOD – For those waiting on line in the stuffy basement of the Bookends bookstore in downtown Ridgewood to have a copy of Hillary Clinton’s latest book signed by the former Secretary of State herself, the wait was worth it as they also anticipated something else.

“I’m starting an organization on campus for Hillary Clinton,”said Ryan Sullivan, 20, of Fair Lawn, who studies international affairs at Seton Hall University. “I’m hoping for her presidential run in 2016.”

One distinct possibility in the 2016 U.S. presidential sweepstakes is that Clinton, a Democrat, could go up against Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the November general election. 

Although those in the crowd on Thursday were in New Jersey’s Bergen County, they were definitely true Hillary Clinton believers. 

“[Clinton] would take out Chris Christie in New Jersey, without a doubt,” Sullivan, who was wearing a blue-and-white ‘I’m Ready for Hillary’ sticker,said. “I don’t even think Christie will get the Republican nomination. Hillary has more connection to the middle class than Christie does. The governor has become more separated from the middle class because he’s trying to court the right wing of the national Republican Party while he’s been touring the country. The more he goes to the right, the more support he loses, including in his own state.”

“Hillary is going to win,” said Pauline Foley-Ferrer, 57, who teaches eighth-grade U.S. history at Saint Augustine’s School in Union City, who was also wearing a pro-Hillary sticker. “I want to see history happen when the first female Presidential candidate gets elected. The only other woman who could do it is [U.S. Senator] Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). But Hillary has got the experience. She’s ready. Hillary’s time is now.”